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Time Out With Terra is a podcast hosted by Terra Newell, the real life hero of the award-winning series “Dirty John.” Terra’s inspiring story of survival, family and perseverance not only inspired a Los Angeles Times podcast and Bravo TV show, but it also has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Terra is excited to continue welcoming her supporters into her world through this podcast, which launched in August 2019. Time Out With Terra serves as a platform for men and women to share their truths in a light-hearted and empowering way, and Terra covers life, love, mental wellness, business, family, and everything else in between! Through fun-filled segment “Dirty Dates’ ‘ – where Terra’s guests share hilarious tidbits about dating in this modern age. Terra loves engaging with her fanbase in a more candid way than ever more. Stay tuned to find out what Terra is up to post-“Dirty John,” hear her must-have tips and tricks for detecting red flags, and listen to exclusive interviews with inspirational celebrities, friends, comedians influencers, experts and more!

Terra Newell is a survivor and advocate for victims of domestic abuse. At the age of 25, she defended herself against serial predator “Dirty” John Meehan and has since shared her story on global platforms to raise awareness about the issue. She is featured in the “Dirty John” podcast and has been interviewed by various media outlets including Dateline and Dr. Oz. Terra is currently working with fellow survivor Collier Landry on a podcast called “Survivor Squad” and dedicates her time to coaching and supporting other survivors.

Making Life Healthy With Supper Food Goddess

Stephie joins Time Out With Terra to talk about getting healthy! We talk about gut health and about Dirty Dates! 

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Throw Back Chatting About Claire’s Season Of The Bachelorette With Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon from the Bachelor family joins Time Out With Terra. This episode is quite a throw back! We talk about the end of Peters season, Claire’s season, and about her life prior to Covid times! Tune in!

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After Married At First Sight With Derek Sherman

Derek Sherman from Season 10 of Married At First Sight, joins episode 36 of Time Out With Terra. We chat about life after Married at First Sight and about life in Covid. Tune into this episode!

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