Sedona’s Sacred Journey: Unite with Terra for an Unforgettable Healing Experience.


Join Terra in Sedona April 12-15, 2024 for an utterly transformative weekend dedicated to your healing and empowerment. Dive deep into addressing the core of your trauma while indulging in moments of relaxation and joy. Experience the rejuvenating power of daily yoga, immersive breathwork exercises, and guided meditations, all crafted to nurture your inner peace and emotional well-being.

Amidst reflections and unwinding, revel in the knowledge that this weekend is meticulously curated with your healing and self-care at its heart. As an electrifying bonus, a special guest will grace the retreat, enriching your journey with added inspiration and profound insights.

Engage in eye-opening worksheets and intimate discussions guided by Terra’s empathetic expertise, providing unwavering support on your healing odyssey. Traverse Sedona’s breathtaking landscapes on invigorating hikes, allow nature’s embrace to nourish your spirit further.

April 12th-15th 2024

What attendees have to say...

“I attended Terra Newell’s October 2023 trauma healing retreat and it far exceeded my expectations. Everything from the food, the schedule, the activities to the location were expertly crafted. Terra had taken great care to curate the experience giving us the tools and support to dive deep into our wounds while giving us time to process. Terra brings her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and learning to the retreat paired with her caring nature you walk away with a deep sense of how to do deep work on yourself. It has changed me for the better and I look forward to the next retreat, I’ll be sure to sign up.” 

“My experience with Terra’s Sedona Sacred Healing Journey was truly meaningful and enlightening. Terra’s knowledge and guidance throughout the trip were exceptional.

Visiting Sedona’s sacred sites under Terra’s instruction provided a unique and calming experience. The blend of meditation, ceremonies, and healing practices offered a chance for self-reflection and personal growth in a beautiful natural setting.

Terra created a supportive and welcoming environment for our group, encouraging open dialogue and connection. The combination of spiritual teachings and exploration of Sedona’s stunning landscapes made for a memorable and contemplative journey.

I left the retreat feeling more centered, with practical tools that continue to positively impact my daily life. I’d recommend Terra’s journey to anyone looking for a thoughtful and transformative experience.”

“Participating in Terra’s Sedona Sacred Healing Journey was an immensely healing experience, especially in addressing and processing deep-seated trauma.

Terra’s compassionate approach and extensive knowledge in trauma healing created a safe space for exploration and healing. Her guidance through Sedona’s powerful energy vortexes and sacred sites, combined with tailored meditative practices and healing rituals, provided a profound opportunity for introspection and self-discovery.

The retreat’s emphasis on healing trauma through nature immersion and spiritual practices allowed for a transformative journey of healing and self-reflection. Terra’s insights and support facilitated a sense of comfort and trust, encouraging participants to confront and release emotional wounds.

The healing journey through Sedona’s breathtaking landscapes was both therapeutic and cathartic. The serene surroundings and carefully curated experiences fostered a deep connection to inner emotions and encouraged a sense of inner peace.

Personally, this journey enabled me to confront and begin the process of healing from past traumas. The tools and practices shared have been instrumental in my ongoing healing process, offering a renewed sense of hope and resilience.

For anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing trauma within a nurturing and spiritually enriching environment, Terra’s program is invaluable. I’m immensely grateful for this transformative experience and would highly recommend it to those on their healing journey.”

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