Price for 8 Week Trauma Healing Sessions $1,250! 

Value $2,600

Eight 90 minute trauma healing sessions. These sessions will incorporate meditation, somatic experiencing, root work, and coaching. If you are consistent and do everything Terra says, at the end of the 8 weeks you will show great improvement in your recovery! The goal is to help you process through your trauma where you aren’t in the state of hypervigilance and feel safer in your body. 

Common Questions

-What if I can’t pay all at once? 

That’s fine! Email or book a free 15 minute call and discuss a payment plan.

-Will there be daily homework? 

Terra will recommend that you journal, do lots of self- care, breath work, and meditate to get the full benefits? 

-What if I can’t make the 90 minute session that week? 

That’s okay, just reschedule right away. You technically have 10 weeks to complete the 8 sessions. 

-What is Terra’s experience?

Terra started doing Life coaching August 20th 2020. Terra’s clients have all seen  great transformation in their recovery. Terra considers her clients family and has a different relationship then you would with your therapist.  

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