Price $150

Save $320!

-3 Hour Red Flag Workshop September 19th 2021 1PM- 4 PM PST 

-3 Hour Dating Workshop September 26th 2021 1PM- 4PM PST

-3 Hour Re Parenting Workshop October 3rd 2021 1PM- 4PM PST

-3 Hour Boundary Workshop October 10th 2021 1PM- 4 PM PST

-3 Hour Trauma Meditation Workshop October 17th 2021 1PM- 4 PM PST 

-30 minute coaching call with Terra!

3 Hour Red Flag Workshop Details 

This live call will be about learning about red flags, how to hold yourself accountable, and how to avoid them. You will also learn to be aware of red flags that keep coming up for you. 

In this call expect to deep dive into red flags and how to feel them out with your body! We will go over gut feelings vs self sabotage! 

There will be exercises, along with worksheets that will teach you about red flags. 

Live call will be 3 hours long!

*The live call is interactive or you can just observe

*Recorded for you to keep forever! Make sure you download before 4 weeks  

September 19th 2021 1:00PM PST- 4:00 PM PST 

3 Hour Dating Workshop Details 

September 26th 2021 1PM- 4PM PST

What does this 3 hour workshop entail? 

-It will be about understanding your dating patterns.

-How to avoid not getting what you want in the relationship

 -Avoiding self sabotage

-Having clear communication in dating 

-Learning about your attachment briefly 

-Avoiding avoidant people 

-3 Hour Zoom Call 

-Interactive or can just observe!

-Q and A 

-Recorded! Just download before the 4 weeks of receiving 

3 Hour Re- Parenting Workshop details 

-will be about learning about your needs that you did not get as a child and learning how to re-parent yourself now. 

-inherited patterns in your family 

-patterns you know bring into your relationship 

-steps to heal your inner child 

-October 3rd 1PM- 4 PM PST. 2021  

-interactive or you can just observe 

-Call will be recorded. Download before 4 weeks of receiving 

-Q and A 

3 Hour Boundary Workshop Details 

This workshop will be about learning how to put boundaries in place with the people around you. We will practice scenarios and how to establish your boundaries.

Will practice boundaries with 

-daily life 


-romantic relationships 

-so much more!

-Call will be recorded. Download before 4 weeks of being sent  

-October 10th 1PM- 4 PM PST

-Q and A 

3 Hour Trauma Meditation Details 

3 Hour Trauma Healing Group Session

 In this 3 hour session, I  will incorporate a variety of  meditation, somatic experiencing, root work, and coaching. The goal of this session is to help you process through your trauma where you are aware of your triggers and know how to bring your body out of flight or fight mode. All of my clients have had breakthrough experiences when doing these sessions.. This group is a safe place and will be small. Please come and work on trauma!  

Date and Time: October 17th 2021 1PM – 4PM PST

-This call will be recorded. Just download before 4 weeks of being sent and have it forever! 

-Can’t make it to any of the workshop calls! That’s okay, the video will be sent to you after each workshop! Just download within 4 weeks of being sent! 

Hope to see you at the calls! 

Who is Terra?

Terra Newell has been called “one of the biggest bad asses of true crime.” She killed “dirty” John Meehan, a con-man and serial predator, in self-defense at age 25. Since then, she’s shared her dramatic story on global platforms to raise awareness around domestic abuse. She is the heroine of episode six of the ​Dirty John ​podcast and has been interviewed for ​Dateline, Dirty John: The Dirty Truth, Dr. Oz, The Skinny Confidential, KTLA a​nd numerous additional outlets. She’s currently working alongside criminal behavior analyst Laura Richards to pass laws against coercive control in the United States with one already passed in California. Terra also loves to help others by coaching and advocating for victims. 

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