Making your home feel beautiful and cozy is very important. Having fresh flowers not only creates a great ambience, but it also creates a nice fragrance in the home. I would prefer to have flowers weekly, but I can realistically afford every other week, so it’s important for me to find some that last long!

Here are some keys to having longer lasting flowers:

– Find flowers that are not yet wilting. When the flowers are wilting that means they are dying, so those flowers aren’t in their prime, and we want the flowers looking fresh and alive.

– Flowers that are buds are a great option because they still need to bloom.

– After you bring home flowers, cut the stem on an angle in order to help the stem better absorb water.

– Change the water daily. Changing the water daily helps prevent mold and it keeps the flowers looking better for longer.

– Use flower nutrient packs or sugar. Flower nutrient packs provide nutrients to the flowers which will help them last longer. If you don’t get flower packs then plain white sugar works well too!

– The majority of the time, local flower shops are going to have better quality flowers that are going to last a little bit longer. This isn’t always the case though– you can find some great flowers in your grocery store. When I purchase flowers at grocery stores, it’s usually from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or Sprouts.

The flower shop that I love getting flowers from is a cute little flower store in Corona Del Mar called Bloom. Bloom has a wide variety of flowers and has a couple of great florists that can arrange a beautiful arrangement for any occasion. I went there the day before Halloween– they had many beautiful arrangements with blacks and oranges–  I’ve never seen anything like it before.     

The day that I went to Bloom, I ended up bringing home some beautiful pink and white roses with eucalyptus! The flowers really lightened up my home, and the Eucalyptus brought a great fragrance to my home.

I love to put my flowers on my night stand to add life to my room. I usually get roses that are pink representing sweetness and romance. I love the look of hydrangeas, but generally I tend to stick with pink roses. I was so pleased with the beautiful pink roses I chose! I hope you found these tips helpful and will use them when your buy you next arrangement. 

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