5 Minutes 

5 minute Guided Meditation | Grounding Meditation | Root Chakra

5 Minute Grounding Meditation

Powerful 5 Minute Guided Gratitude Meditation for Morning or Evening

5 Minute Manifestation Meditation (Guided Meditation)

5 Minute Guided Creativity Meditation

7 Minutes

7-Minute Morning Meditation for Energy & Positivity

7 Minute Guided Meditation to Start Your Day

10 Minutes

10 Minute Guided Sleep Meditation (female voice)

Healing the Mother Wound Guided Meditation

10 Minute Meditation for Deep Relaxation

10 Minute Meditation to Tune into Your Intuition

10 Minute Meditation for Manifesting (Guided Meditation)

10 Minute Manifestation Meditation (Powerful Visualisation)

Full Body 7 Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

15 minutes

15 Minute Guided Meditation To Find Peace In Uncertain Times

Wise Inner Parent Meditation

Guided Meditation for Anxiety & Overthinking


15 MIN Guided Meditation For Manifestation & Success | Feed Your Truth & Inner Fire

15 Minute Guided Meditation ♥ Mindfully Heal Yourself From The Inside Out

20 minutes

Guided Meditation for Positive Energy, Relaxation, Peace

Guided Meditation for Sleep & Deep Relaxation

Inner Child Meditation for Codependency, Lack of Self Love and Negative Programming

25 Minutes 

Clearing Negative / Trauma Energy From The Body | Guided Meditation | Suzanne Robichaud RCH


MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES (Guided Meditation) 528Hz

Healing the Mother Wound | Guided Meditation & Sound Bath | 639 Hz

Healing the Mother Wound Guided Meditation l174Hz

30 Minutes

KARMA CLEARING (very Powerful)

Rainbow Bridge • Chakra Activation • Spirit Communication Meditation

35 Minutes 

Letting Go of the Emotional Pain – Hypnotherapy Session

GUIDED MEDITATION: Inner Child Healing | Soul Forgiveness | LET GO of Anger, Bitterness & Sadness

40 minutes 

Guided Trauma Meditation By Terra Newell *Warning could be triggering

PTSD Visualization: for trauma relief & healing (Spoken Meditation)

MINI ANCESTRAL HEALING – Heal the energy between you and your parents!

45 Minutes

SELF-LOVE MEDITATION 💖45-Minute Guided Meditation for Inner Peace (with music) Deep Relaxation

50 Minutes

Manifest Your Partner, Lover, improve your Relationship | Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Mindfulness – 50 Minutes of Bliss

Complete Chakra Cleanse & Reset | Guided Meditation

60 Minutes 


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