Join Terra Newell and Collier Landry’s Moving Past Trauma Workshop!
Live Zoom Workshop sessions every Tuesday 4PM PST!

In this five week intensive workshop, you will learn how to:

Week 1 highlights include:

Week 2 highlights include:

Week 3 highlights include:

Week 4 highlights include:

Week 5 highlights include:

About your coaches, Terra and Collier…

Meet Terra Newell, a true survivor and advocate for domestic abuse victims who stood up to serial predator “Dirty” John Meehan and bravely shared her story on global platforms to raise awareness. Terra’s incredible journey is captured in the hit “Dirty John” podcast and she has been featured on numerous media outlets, including Dateline and Dr. Oz. Today, Terra is joining forces with fellow survivor Collier Landry to bring their powerful message to even more people through their podcast “Survivor Squad” and their coaching and support services for survivors.

Collier Landry’s story is one of strength and resilience. At just 11 years old, he witnessed his father murder his mother and had to keep it a secret until he found the courage to reach out to detectives and bring his father to justice. Today, Collier continues his mission to honor his mother Noreen and help other survivors heal from their traumas through his role as host of the popular True Crime meets Trauma Recovery podcast “Moving Past Murder” and his work as the creator and subject of the Investigation Discovery documentary “A Murder in Mansfield.”

Together, Terra and Collier bring a powerful combination of lived experience, empathy, and expertise to the table. They’ve both been through some of life’s darkest moments and have come out the other side as advocates for healing and growth. With Terra’s unique female perspective and Collier’s unique male perspective, they offer a unique, dynamic duo that can help you transform your trauma and move forward with confidence. Join their 5-week trauma workshop and see for yourself!

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