Talia joins my 31 Day Mental Wellness Workshop! Talia will talk about health and nutrition!

Talia is one of my good friends, that I grew close to because of her bubbly personality and shared passion for bettering the body! She has a wealth of knowledge!

Talia’s background in studying nutrition (copied from her website from her voice)


I have a B.A. in nutritional science from Cornell University. I also took every psychology course offered. Positive psychology, personality psychology and human bonding were my favorite classes during my time in Ithaca, NY.

As a young child, you might have seen me running around my living room while eating romaine lettuce leaves and dancing to loud music, all at the same time. I think this expresses who I am today pretty well. While I may be hesitant to publicly admit that yes, I do still run around my living room for exercise and need to face the facts that I am voluntarily outing myself, I no longer carry romaine lettuce leaves while doing physical activity. I do dance to loud music in the privacy of my own room (I have Peter Pan syndrome and don’t want to grow up), I sing in the car and smile pretty widely each and every time I see a sunset, rainbow after a rainstorm or a favorite old song that plays on the radio. A lot of other things make me happy, but I wanted to mention just a few simple things that give me a reason to smile and should give you a reason to smile too.

My childhood and who my dad is 

My dad is Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and he’s written an impressive quantity of fascinating books on how to reach our best health, get rid of the most common, diet-related diseases and prevent these diseases as we get older. I’m talking about nasty cancers, like breast and skin cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and more. His most well-known book is Eat To Live, but between you and me and anyone else reading this, my personal favorite of his books is Super Immunity. What’s not to love about a book that explains why elderberry juice can help us get better faster from the common cold, right? There is no arguing with elderberry juice.

I grew up in a family in which kale with cashew cream sauce was a common dish served at dinner and dried papaya and persimmons were what my mom packed for me in school lunches. In elementary school, while my friend’s moms packed them Lunchables and Fruit by the Foot at snack time (remember those?), corn on the cob and apples with cashew butter were often what was packed for me. Now that I think about it, it’s probably a miracle that I grew up to be mostly normal (key word being “mostly”). I wasn’t always a perfect eater and I’m not a perfect eater as an adult either (this is my time to give dark chocolate a shout out- dark chocolate I love you!), but I do care a ton about the connection between what we eat and our well-being and I am a huge advocate of the tremendous power of taking care of our bodies. Hordes of scientific studies show that food really is medicine and that what we eat every day influences how we feel, what our number of the scale reads, the strength of our immune systems, and much more. With the knowledge about which foods to eat and what to do to feel awesome, it’s only natural to make eating nutrient-dense, health promoting foods a priority. Rebellion in my teens and as an adult had no chance once feeling amazing now and into the future became paramount.

Workshop info!

Workshop starts January 1st 2022

Price $399 

January 1st- 10:30 AM PST Intro to workshop/ 10 minute meditation/ 60 min yoga (live) (90 minutes)

January 2nd- 5:00 PM PST 30 minutes breathwork/ 10 minutes guided meditation/ 15 minutes stretching (60 minutes)

January 3rd 4:30 PM PST Special guest speaker/ 10 minute breathwork (60 minutes) 

January 4th Karma meditation video (35 minutes) (Homework to do on your own)

January 5th Terra speaks on Karma/ 10 minute breathwork (60 minutes)

January 6th 6:00PM PST Yoga 60 minutes/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes)

January 7th 5:00PM Health and the body (special guest) (60 minutes)

January 8th Boundaries (Homework to do on your own) 

January 9th 5:00 PM PST 30 minute breathwork/ 10 minute meditation/ 15 minute yoga (55 minutes)

January 10th 6:00 PM PST 60 minute yoga flow/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes)

January 11th 4:30 PM PST Red Flags/ 10 minute breathwork  (70 minutes)

January 12th Guided Meditation (Homework to do on your own)

January 13th 5:00 PM PST Dating Boundaries 60 minutes/ 10 minutes breathwork (70 minutes)

January 14th 4:30 PM PST 50 minute yoga/ 10 minute breath work (60 minutes)

January 15th 10:30 AM PST 45 minutes guided meditation/ 10 minutes breathwork (55 minutes)

January 16th Letter to self videos + letter to self  (Homework to do on your own) 

January 17th 5:00 PM PST Special guest (60 minutes) 

January 18th 5:30 PM PST Boundaries with Family/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes) 

January 19th 5:30 PM PST 60 minute yoga/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes)

January 20th Re-Parenting (Homework to do on your own)

January 21st 4:00 PM PST Re-parenting part 2/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes) 

January 22nd 10:30 AM PST 60 minute yoga/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes) 

January 23rd 4:00 PM PST Re- frame your thought process/ 10 minutes breath work (70 minutes) 

January 24th Guided meditation (Homework to do on your own) 

January 25th 5:00 PM PST Special Guest (60 minutes) 

January 26th 5:00 PM PST Re-frame your thought process part 2/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes)

January 27th 4:00 PM PST Recovering from toxicity/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes)

January 28th 5:00 PM PST 60 minute yoga/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes)

January 29th 10:30 AM 40 minute yoga/ 10 minute breath work/ 15 minute guided meditation (65 minutes) 

January 30th 3:00 PM PST Trauma work/ 10 minute breathwork (70 minutes)

January 31st 6:00 PM PST Gearing you up for the future! (60 minutes) 

What this workshop entails

This workshop will be about jump starting your new year with health habits while doing work on yourself going through traumas and past relationships. Terra will give you tools to help you communicate well with others and have some clarity with your past trauma(s). 

Possible questions you might have

What if I can’t make it to the live calls? 

What If I don’t want to show my face or interact? 

What if I’ve never been in a toxic relationship?

What if I can’t pay all at once?

Hope you guys join! Email me at Terranewellcoaching@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to sign up through me personally!

You can also still save by using CODE150 for $150 off! Purchase ticket below!

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